Thursdays in Mitchell 005

Refreshments at 3:30 pm
Talk at 4:00 pm

  • August 25 Jose Rafeal Garcia, Catholic University of Valencia
    • Is gaping activity of marine bivalves an indicator of local environmental variation

  • September 8 JOINT with CEE: Katherine Renken, University of South Carolina
    • Coupled feedback between vegetation and geomorphology in coastal dunes

  • September 15 Judson Harvey, USGS
    • Jenner Speaker Series -Curriculum for Environment and Ecology
    • TBA

  • September 22 Thijs Vandenbroucke, Ghent University
    • Ice, death, bugs and metals in the Palaeozoic

  • October 6 Fangzhen Teng, University of Washington
    • Tracing subducted crustal materials in the mantle

  • October 13 Donna Surge, UNC-CH
    • Tracing moisture sources of the extreme storm event impacting the Carolinas in October, 2015 using O, H, and Sr isotope ratios and HYSPLIT

  • October 27 JOINT with CEE: David Butman, University of Washington
    • A Carbon Conundrum – Inland Waters

  • November 3 John Bartley, University of Utah
    • Metamorphic heat goes where the water flows: the strange case of the Alta stock

  • November 10 Paul Pinet, Colgate University
    • TBA

  • November 17 Roberta Rudnick, UCSB
    • Glacial diamictites and the evolving composition of the upper continental crust

  • December 1 Nicholas Christie-Blick, Columbia University
    • Why Extensional Detachment Faults Are Still a Problem