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Office: 210 Mitchell Hall
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Ph.D., Rice University

Research Interests

  • Impact of climatic change (i.e. sea level, sediment supply) on the geologic record of continental margins.
  • Establish stochastic models of spatial distribution of physical attributes on continental margins subjected to various environmental boundary conditions.
  • Improving understanding of proximal record of climate change on Antarctic continental margin with proxy recorsd from the deep sea.

Research Activities

  • 2001 Chapman Conference Poster
  • Deciphering links between process (climatic change, etc.) and response (record preserved in continental margin deposits) through examination of sequences (cores and high resolution seismic data) where there is control on the boundary conditions (NE Gulf of Mexico, East China Sea, Yellow Sea, South China Sea, Antarctic continental margin)
  • Analysis of glacial history of Antarctica recorded in seismic stratigraphy and cores from Antarctic margin

Recent and Ongoing Thesis Projects

Moss, C.C., Stochastic Model of Spatial Heterogeneity of Seismic Facies in the Yellow Sea, Ph.D. Dissertation in Progress

Warren, J., Process Response Relationships and Distribution of Facies in the East China Sea, Ph.D. Dissertation in Progress

Cabote, B.S., Seismic Stratigraphy and Stochastic Models of Late Quaternary Lowstand and Transgressive Deposition, Mobile Incised Valley System, Offshore Alabama, M.S. Thesis, 1998.

Selected Research Publications

Miller, K. and Bartek, L.R., (back from review and revising), Paradoxical Sediment Starvation in the East China Sea and Okinawa Trough Region, Marine Geology.

Flaum, J.A., Bartek, L.R. and Keen, T.R., (back from review and revising), Stratigraphy of the Transgressive Systems Tract of a Continental Margin with High Sediment Input and Frequent and Intense Storms: A Comparison of Model Output with Chirp Sonar and Core Data-East China Sea. Sedimentology.

Sorlien, C.C, Luyendyk, B.P., Decesari, R. Wilson, D., Bartek, LR., Diebold, J., submitted in review, Seismic Stratigraphic Evidence from SE Ross Sea for late Oligocene Glaciation Issuing from Marie Byrd Land, Geology.

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