Email: yx at
Office: 216 Mitchell Hall

B.S., Geophysics, USTC, China, 2009
M.S., Geophysics, HKU, HK, 2012
PhD., Paleoclimatology, UNC Chapel Hill, current

I’m currently working on paleoclimate dynamics modeling with Professor Rial.

My research in paleoclimate focuses on free-oscillation behavior of climate system and its implication in planetary climate history. In essence, the behavior of climate system is the reflection of the behavior of the physical processes that underlying it. So by quantitative analyzing the underlying physical processes, the properties (and behavior) of the system can be better understood. Barry Saltzman, by specializing the PDM for the analysis of the Late Pleistocene, has isolated the free oscillation of 100-ky-period using internal stability analysis. I plan to carry on this method to apply to separate subsystems of the climate to investigate their oscillation properties. Then I plan to search if there will be any new behavior of the system when the subsystems being coupled. Once completed, the same dynamical analytical method can also be applied to other terrestrial planets or even some well-known exoplanets.

For other interests, I like hiking, badminton, photography, reading (philosophy, fantasy, and generally any old classic books).