For the B.S. degree with a major in geological sciences, students must satisfy the General Education requirements. B.S. students will elect to concentrate in traditional geology, environmental geology, geochemistry, geophysics, or paleobiology. Specific departmental requirements for the Paleobiology concentration are listed below.

  • One of the following courses: GEOL 101/101L, 103, 105/101L, 109/109L or 101L, or 111 (only one of GEOL 101, 105, 109, and 111 may be taken for course credit)
  • All of the following courses: GEOL 159, 301, 401, 402, 413, and 478; BIOL 101/101L; CHEM 101/101L and 102/102L; MATH 231 and 232
  • One of the following courses: GEOL 520 (note that this may also be used to satisfy one of the required GEOL courses numbered above 400); any COMP except 050, 070 and 380; any MATH above 232, any STOR 155 or above
  • Either PHYS 104/104L or 116
  • One of the following courses: GEOL 434 or 390 (for four credits), or 691H and 692H with approved field component, or another approved field-oriented experience in biology or paleobiology
  • Three geology courses numbered above 400, not otherwise required for the major (GEOL 390 for two or three hours credit, 431, 501, 555, and GEOL 691H and 692H are specifically recommended)
  • At least three geology and or science electives not otherwise required for the major, including any GEOL except 101, 103, 105, 109, 111; ANTH 143, 315, 317, 412, and 414; any ASTR; any BIOC except 107 and 108; any BIOL above 113; any CHEM above 102; any COMP except 050, 070, and 380; any ENVR except 600; any MASC 101 and higher; any MATH above 232; any PHYS except 101, 132, and 313; any STOR 155 or above; any course in vertebrate paleontology from North Carolina State University; any systematics course from the Department of Biology at Duke University. Paleobiology students are encouraged but not required to take as electives a course in systematics in the Department of Biology at Duke University and a course in vertebrate paleontology at North Carolina State University. Interuniversity enrollment is possible through a UNC–Chapel Hill/Duke/North Carolina State agreement.