Volcan Tuzgle, Puna Plateau, Argentina
Volcan Tuzgle, Puna Plateau, Argentina

Researchers working in the Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry facility at UNC have used isotopic data to explore a variety of topics. Faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates use the lab facilities to glean data from a variety of sources, including rocks, sediments, and even human teeth! Some of the researchers working in the geochemistry lab are listed below, along with their topics of study.


Dr. Drew Coleman

subvolcanic magma accumulation rates and links between plutonic and volcanic rocks
rates of zircon transport in the modern Amazon River

Cretaceous time scale geochronology

forensic geology and geoarchaeology

Dr. Allen Glazner

Mechanics, rates, and energetics of pluton emplacement
Mechanisms of magma diversification

Larry K. Benninger

Graduate Students

Jesse Davis

Ryan Mills

Mike Ackerson

Emily Foley

Mike Lester


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