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Thursdays this Fall in the Zoom Room (

B.Y.O.Snacks at 4:25 pm | Talk Begins at 4:30 pm

August 20

Kennet Flores, Assistant Professor, Brooklyn College

“Record of fluid-rock interaction on a long-lived subduction channel”

August 27

Ariel Anbar, Professor, Arizona State University


September 3     

Sarah Mazza, Assistant Professor, Smith College

“Exploring mantle recycling and crust generation with tungsten stable Isotopes”

September 17           

Mike Eddy, Purdue

“Hunting for Fossil Magma Reservoirs in the Geologic Record”

September 24           

Carli Arendt, Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University

“Tracking spatial hydrochemical variations in cryosphere environments: weathering and nutrient fluxes in Alaskan landscapes”

October 1  

Thomas Wahl, Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida


October 15

Sue Brantley, Professor, Penn State University

“Subsurface Landscapes of Oxidation and Reaction in the Critical Zone”

October 22 

Xiao Yang, Postdoctoral Research, UNC Chapel Hill

“Mapping river and lake ice globally using satellite images”

November 5

Kelsey Bitting, Assistant Director, Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, Elon University 


November 12

Kieron Prince, Assistant Professor, Broward University

“Sea level and Current Controlled Diagenesis in the Maldives, Indian Ocean”