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Welcome to the geology of eastern California! This site contains aerial photos that I and my passengers have taken over the past 7 years during flights out of Bishop airport (BIH) in Bishop, California. Currently there are three trips posted, but others are on the way, including a loop from Bishop to Death Valley and Lone Pine.

All photos were taken from Cessna 152 airplanes rented from Hangar One Aero Services. Many were taken through the windows, so you will occasionally see glare or reflections. Some trips contain scenes from more than one flight, so the flight path might seem erratic, or the seasons might change suddenly–don’t worry. Most of the photos on Flights 1 and 2 were taken on Kodachrome 200 slide film with a Nikon N60 camera, 28-80 mm zoom lens, and a polarizing filter. Slides were scanned and digitally color-corrected. Photos on Flight 3 and later were taken with a Nikon D70 digital SLR with an 18-70 mm zoom lens and a polarizing filter. Shots taken through the window have a slight green cast that I’ve tried to eliminate; others were shot through the open pilot’s window. In these the wing spar and left wheel are commonly visible.

Many thanks to those who have flown with me over the years, especially Scott Hetzler and John Bartley. They took some of the photos below. Thanks also to Rod at Hangar One and to my various flight instructors. Finally, thanks to my daughter Jenny, who did an excellent job scanning the photos.

Please send comments and corrections to me.

Flight to Split Mountain

This trip was taken on August 8, 2000. John Bartley and I had just finished a backpacking trip over Taboose Pass and into Cardinal Lake to work on the amazing metamorphic screen that underlies Split Mountain. We took off from Bishop in the morning for a 2-hour flight. John did most of the camera work.

Deep Springs Flight

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