Email: ealtenau at unc.edu
Office: Mitchell Hall 208

B.A., Environmental Studies, College of the Holy Cross, 2012
Ph.D., Geological Sciences, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, current


I am a doctoral candidate working with Dr. Tamlin Pavelsky. My research involves using remote sensing, hydrodynamic modeling, and field experiments to understand surface water dynamics along complex river environments.

In my free time I enjoy running, hiking, painting, and photography.

Peer-reviewed articles

Mitchell, Sara Gran, and Elizabeth E. Humphries. “Glacial cirques and the relationship between equilibrium line altitudes and mountain range height.”Geology 43.1 (2015): 35-38.

Conference abstracts

Altenau, E. H., T. Pavelsky, and P. D. Bates. “The Effects of Spatial Resolution and Dimensionality on Modeling Braided River Hydraulics.” AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts. Vol. 1. 2015.

Humphries, E., T. Pavelsky, and P. D. Bates. “Two dimensional hydrodynamic modeling of a high latitude braided river.” AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts. Vol. 1. 2014.

Humphries, Elizabeth E., Mitchell, Sara Gran, 2011. Latitudinal variation in glacial cirque altitudes. Geological Society of America. Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 43, No. 5, p. 474.