Office: Mitchell 224, 962-5045


Ph.D., University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
M.A., B.S., Binghamton University – SUNY


GEOL 101: Introduction to Physical Geology
GEOL 159: Prehistoric Life
GEOL 215: Energy Recourses
GEOL 402: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (major requirement)
GEOL 433: Paleoceanography
GEOL 434: Modern Marine Carbonate Environments (trip class)

Research Interests

My research interests primarily focus on developing proxy data sets for investigating climate, physical ocean processes, and ecological changes from intertidal to subtidal habitats using macro-invertebrates proxies and sediment analysis. My overall scientific interests are paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, ecosystem restoration, and the relationship between regional geology and it effect on civilization development.

I am a Lecturer, so I do not get credit for research, and I do not have my own lab.  However, if you are an undergraduate interested in Paleo- and you would like to do some independent research, then contact me.  Over the last couple of years my 390s and independent researchers have done some great work. UNC getting more research for less money.

Keywords:  sediments, proxy development, carbonate rocks, fossil deposits, sclerochronology, assemblage analysis, climate oscillations, human interactions


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