In Geological Sciences we vigorously support undergraduates in mentored, self-directed research. As early as your first year at Carolina, you can join a lab, or complete research in the field or labs through your course work. You are also encouraged to communicate your research results through publication and presentations at the annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research, the annual Geological Sciences Student Research Symposium, and national and international meetings.

In 2010-11, students completed group research on topics as diverse as renewable energy in North America (Burch Field Research Seminar) and the volcanic ash content of soils in California (First Year Seminar), and Senior Honors Thesis research on topics including the origin of the Carolina Bays, the paleoclimate record preserved in clams, and the origin of igneous rocks in Yosemite National Park.

Undergraduate research is supported through funds exclusive to the Geological Sciences Department including the Wheeler Fund for Undergraduate Research, the Charles and Elaine Mims Fellowship, and the Dan Pignatiello Fellowship, and University funds including Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships and Honors Program Fellowships.

If you are interested in exploring Undergraduate research opportunities in Geological Sciences, please contact a faculty mentor directly, or visit the Director of Undergraduate Studies for ideas and direction.