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Master’s Student Checklist: Fall Start Date
To be updated by student by April 15th each year
Timely completion of the following requirements constitutes satisfactory progress.



1) Select Major Advisor and Dissertation Committee no later than the end of the first semester in residence. Submit Composition of Thesis Committee form to the Student Services Assistant to be filed with the Graduate School.

2) Submit to the Student Services Assistant a final approved thesis proposal signed by your thesis committee by April 15th of your second semester in residence assuming an August start date. Meet with your thesis committee for approval of the proposal and/or any modification of course program.

3) Meet with thesis committee at least once a year before April 15th and submit the Satisfactory Progress Form signed by your committee each year before April 15th to the Student Services Assistant.

4) Successfully complete graduate coursework.

5) Complete two semesters of required residence credit.

6) Give research presentation. (Talk at Anadarko symposium, colloquium, GSA, or other regional or national meeting). File notice of place and date with Student Services Assistant.

7) Apply for Graduation during last semester of registration.

8) Defend thesis during last semester of registration. Final draft of thesis must be submitted to your committee at least 2 weeks before your defense.

9) Submit thesis online ( Provide a copy of the title page and abstract, plus number of pages, references, plates and the number, type, and scale of foldout maps, to the Student Services Assistant.
*NOTE: Submit copy of thesis to North Carolina Geological Survey if funding was received from them.*

10) If appropriate, nominate your faculty advisor to the graduate school for dissertation mentoring award (see Student Services Assistant).

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