Why get a degree in Geological Sciences or Environmental Geology?

If you like SCIENCE and like the OUTDOORS, maybe you should be a Geology major. Geology is an interdisciplinary science – exploring the BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY and PHYSICS of the solid earth, liquid oceans, and gaseous atmosphere.

The Job Market: Hydrogeologists Tap into Demand for an Irreplaceable Resource.
WHEN HYDROGEOLOGISTS TALK ABOUT their field, one word keeps coming up: “recession-proof.” Science, v. 321, August 8, 2008, p. 858

Many of the key questions we face for the future growth and prosperity of the state, nation and world are the focus of research in Geology:

  • Energy
    • What will the next source of power for the planet be? Geothermal? Solar? Wind? Nuclear? Something else? How can we best manage our diminishing resources of fossil fuels?
  • Environment
    • How can we best preserve our water, soils and air? How do coastal communities respond to the threat of hurricanes and sea level rise? What does the geologic record reveal about climate change?
  • Water
    • Where will we get water if drought continues and deepens? How do we better manage the water resources we have? How can we keep our water safe to drink?

Graduates from UNC Geological Sciences are leaders in North Carolina: nationally and abroad in understanding the earth, how it works and how we can work with it. Our undergraduate students work with faculty on research around the world.

If you want to know more about Geological Sciences, contact our Director of Undergraduate Studies.